Some questions are frequently asked when you spend your time on the water. Please check our FAQ list but feel free to send us any other questions thru the contact form at the contact page.

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Health and Covid-19 precautionary actions

Our health and Covid-19 precautionary actions:

  • We ask our guests not to sail when they carry any symptoms of Covid-19 or other health issues that might affect them or the safety of their travel companions.
  • We wave and don’t shake hands
  • We provide hand-sanitizing gel before boarding via a hand sanitizing station
  • We provide hand-sanitizer on board
  • We offer snorkels with different colors and/or numbered so everyone has it’s own snorkel (& mask)
  • We also offer snorkels and mask for sale if you want to be 100% sure you’re the only user
  • We sanitize all masks and snorkels conform DAN (Divers Alert Network) protocol
  • We change all hand- and dishtowels after each charter
  • We offer wet wipes for DIY cleaning of the toilet before/after use
  • We frequently disinfect taps, wash bin, door and stair handles
  • We don’t sing out loud anymore
  • We serve beers so cold not a germ survives
  • We put extra rum in our punch on Trumps advice, to kill internal bacteria

The last 3 we don’t really mean but what we like to say is we do everything in our power to give you a safe charter. However we’re still on a boat and it’s impossible to practice social distancing. So we ask our guests to participate and use common sense to keep everybody happy and safe.

Why are all boats the prices the same?

We offer you the same package on board of all sailboats. The bigger boats are a little older, the smaller boats are a little younger or just restored. In the end it’s about the quality, tranquillity and not about the quantity. Just make your choice what boat and captain feels right for your party.

What should I bring?
  • Reef safe Sunscreen
  • If you want to swim bring swimware
  • Your good vacation mood
  • Easy footware for a night out, most boats are barefoot
  • Don’t bring big suitcases boats have limited storage space
Why use and what is a (reef) safe sunscreen?

It doesn’t contain toxic ingredients like: Oxybenzone that kill corals. If you also want human friendly sunscreen avoid: Homosalate. Watch the short video that explains what to do or not concerning sunscreen:

Love the reef – Sunscreen from David de Bruijne on Vimeo.

Why do I have to bring and pay for a Stinapa Marine Tag?
  • Stinapa is our local non-profit organisation that helps to protect our nature. They not only maintain our moorings but also set up a lot of programs to preserve our nature both on land and sea.
What will I see when I go snorkeling/diving?
  • First of all a lot of water
  • Depending on your activity all kinds of reef fish and corals
  • There is a good chance of seeing turtles, moray eals,
  • Sometimes dolfins, (Manta/Sting)-rays, octopus, frog fishes and sea horses are spotted
  • If it’s your lucky day you might spot a reef shark, but we don’t see those too often
I’ve never sailed before, what to expect?
  • Hopefully the most fun on the water you’ve ever had!
  • Yes, a sailboat may lean over depending on waves and wind but your captain will keep this to a level that you enjoy
  • No, a sailboat doesn’t tumble over, it has a huge keel to prevent that from happening
Can I feed the fish?

Sorry, but no feeding is allowed. Bonaire has the best coral reefs in the Caribbean and they have been protected since the 1960’s. A coral reef is a delicate, balanced eco-system and fish feeding has been proven to have a negative impact on this balance. The marine park authority (Stinapa) have therefore banned any form of fish feeding on Bonaire.

Terms & Liability Waiver


  • Cancellation fee of 100.0% is charged if cancelled 1 day(s) or less before the event
  • Cancellation fee of 50.0% is charged if cancelled 3 day(s) or less before the event
  • Cancellation fee of 25.0% is charged if cancelled 7 day(s) or less before the event


SoloBon B.V. / Bonaire Liveaboard and vessels; Pure, Oscarina, Pure II and Phoenix called the vessels”
CHARTERING/SAILING/SNORKELING/DIVING and other related activities, including but not limited to equipment failure, perils of the sea, acts of other participants, and adverse sea and weather conditions, and I HEREBY ASSUME SUCH RISKS. I UNDERSTAND THAT I HAVE DUTY TO EXERCISE REASONABLE CARE FOR MY OWN SAFETY AND I AGREE TO DO SO.
I assert that I am physically fit to snorkel and ride on a boat and I will not hold the vessels” and/or SOLOBON B.V. / Norman van Holst and partners or their employees, agents or other associated personnel responsible if I am injured as a result of ANY problems (medical, accidental or otherwise) which occur while chartering the boat or otherwise participating in the trip.
I fully understand that the vessels have limited medical facilities and that in the event of illness or injury, appropriate care must be summoned by radio and treatment will be delayed until I can be transported to a proper medical facility. I agree in advance to these conditions.
SOLOBON B.V. / Norman van Holst and the vessels, have made no representations to me, implied or otherwise, that they or their crew can or will perform safe rescues or render first aid. In the event I show signs of distress or call for aid, I would like assistance and will not hold SOLOBON B.V. / Norman van Holst or the vessels, their captians, crew or passengers responsible for their actions in attempting the performance or rescue of first aid.
I agree to forever discharge and release SOLOBON B.V. / Norman van Holst, the vessels, captains, employees, agents, and affiliates, from any and all responsibility or liability for any and all injuries or damages. I agree NOT to make a claim against or sue any of the above parties for injuries or damages whether they arise or result from any NEGLIGENCE or other liability, EVEN IN CASES OF GROSS
NEGLIGENCE. I further specifically agree, on behalf of myself, my heirs and assigns, to indemnify and hold harmless the released parties for any and all causes of action arising as a consequence of any incidents which might occur as a consequence of my participation in any snorkeling, diving, sailing and/or any watersport activities with or involving the released parties.